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I am a physician as well as a mother to five wonderful children. I was born in Budapest, where I also grew up and built a family. We have been in the United States for close to 10 years, first in Boston and now in New York City, where my husband, who is also a physician, is employed at the moment.

My faith has grown stronger over the years, and because this is not a very typical occurrence, I have begun to investigate and compile the possible causes.

My family was devout Catholics who also encouraged us to think critically. Conversation almost always revolved around the works of the World's Most Prominent Philosophers. After some time, I began to explore the realm of mysticism in addition to having faith that was founded on logical grounds. It took some time, but eventually I was able to recognize the complementary but quite distinct methods that, frequently and incorrectly, divide practicing Christians into two camps. I started to get it, and I started to gain a handle on how to travel between the two of them. Later on, during dialogues and debates with my children (a highly critical audience), I was compelled to rethink the vocabulary that I had previously drilled and memorized. After moving in America, I came into contact with new and vibrant form of the faith and while I searched with such a keen eye, I found the materials that allowed me to put our creativity and design to work for us. In conclusion, it was here in the United States that I was introduced to the spirituality known as Flame of Love, which has its roots in Hungary. It is a powerful form of intercessory prayer and a mystic relationship with God, but it is also a very unique method to live it in day-to-day life.

This website is a physical manifestation of the impact that these factors have had on me. I have put together an ever-growing collection of 'family similes,' and because I considered this to be the most important aspect of the website, the name is taken from this. Since The Flame of Love Spiritual Diary is not an easy read despite having amazing depth, I knew I had to find a way to transmit its wisdom to others in a format that was more accessible. Separate sections contain the brief line extracts from the Spiritual, the associated biography, and a Flame of Love prayer plan, which is intended particularly for devout Catholics who are already committed to their faith. Theological context, helpful for gaining a deeper comprehension, can be found in other parts of this website.

On this site, in addition to sharing my own personal musings, I'd also like to attract attention to some of the most compelling available material in English. I intend to include a selection of amazingly designed animations that are only a few minutes long, as well as fascinating news, interviews, and possibly even the most recent music tracks.

All endeavors, from a simple curiosity to the expansion of one's horizons to the actual execution of spiritual warfare, involve work, which is why the title of this website is "spiritual battlefield." There are multiple entry points into the ring, and it all depends on where you are right now. After all, the purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate that such a thing is possible.

I entrust the remaining matters to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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